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PLC numerical control four column hydraulic press

  Hydraulic press (also known as oil press) hydraulic machine is a kind of machine which uses liquid static pressure to process metal, plastic, rubber, wood, powder and other products.
It is commonly used for pressing technology and pressing forming technology, such as forging, stamping, cold extrusion, straightening, bending, flanging, sheet drawing, powder metallurgy, press mounting, etc.
Its principle is the use of Pascal's law to make use of liquid pressure to drive the machinery, many kinds. Of course, the use is varied according to the needs.
For example, there are two kinds of oil press and hydraulic press, which are divided according to the kinds of liquid which transfer pressure. The total pressure produced by a hydraulic press is often used in forging and stamping.
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The machine has an independent body and the electrical power system, centralized control buttons, can realize the adjustment, manual and semi-automatic three working modes: machine working pressure, pressing speed, fast and slow down the no-load stroke and the range can be adjusted according to the process requirements, and can complete the ejection process, with the top the drawing process process, three processes, each process and constant pressure, Cheng two process for selection, constant pressure molding process after pressing with ejection delay and automatic return.
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